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Five Year Clear Polyurethane:

“The product is everything you’ve advertised! I used it on all the exterior brightwork on my 53 Hatteras NY & it looks great. I have shown my railings off quite a bit. Generally, I end up talking about your product when someone in the marina is complaining about having to redo their varnish. I tell them it’s the ‘extended-life’ varnish.” [Applied 5/00, reported 11.04] Scott E. Robinson

“I highly recommend it. It is everything they at Smith & Co. promise. Use it per instructions and it keeps an extraordinary sheen with outstanding weather resistance. This will be my only exterior wood coating on my boat. It completely replaces varnish.” Frank Partridge, Partridge Yacht and Charter

“I have used (Smith & Co. “5-Year Clear”) 2 part polyurethane coating on my yawl. The dorade box still looks great 5 years later…. My mast was redone with 5 Year Clear 3 years ago and looks great. It sits out in the weather 24/7.” [2003] T. S.

“I think it’s been about 5 yrs now. We did our masts then & they still look great” A. G.

“The measuring tools and directions gave me confidence that I did everything accurately. After 3 years in this very harsh desert climate the teak on the deck of my Capri 26 still looks good.” Stephen W. Smith

“2 plus years later…I find the finish to be holding up to our use of the boat just fine….no scratches or marring…still has a bright shiny finish.” Warren Olson

“My doors have stood up beautifully. They get a lot of sun…” (applied in June 2001, reported September 2004) Cutting Edge Construction

“The product has proven to be incredibly durable and we could not be more pleased with it” (applied April 2002, reported September 2004) Steve Bridges

“Your 5 Year Clear is an excellent product. I have used it on my boat + on every sculpture that I make. In combination with your penetrating epoxy (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) it is a fantastic clear coating. I have had it on an outdoor sculpture over 8 years with no deterioration”. David W. Elder

“I’ll continue to use this product. Tough, beautiful, long-lasting. M. R.

“Stupendous durability, even in direct sun.” M. L.

“I enjoyed using the product. It’s very easy to apply; nice looking finish. Mike Parsons

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